Meet the Admins!

I created the page in May 2011 because I was ready to have fun doing some contests and help people out in Yoville. I am a mom to a awesome soon the be 12 year old son and do a lot of Mom things with him ❤ I have made ton’s of friends that I love dearly and hope to meet more!
Let’s see, I started Yo several years ago-enjoyed playing at that time- now I use my spare time to spend more time w/my kiddos & making memories. I became an admin at FYH couple years ago(while entering contests & whatnot)-started out just like the rest of ya admins & now am a Founder. Morgan & I became best of friends(now family), hit it off right away & every since then, I’ve been here at FYH & can’t leave cause Morgan likes to threaten people-lmao-. I do enjoy bein a part of such an amazing group of people & have been blessed to meet all y’all. Welp that bout it-not much else to say- xoxoxo
  Hey I’m Roo and I hail from the Lone Star state. I’m a big Rangers and Cowboys fan and work in animal rescue. I started playing Yoville in ’09. I was co-owner of YoEbay and currently run the Yo World Series. I joined up with the Hu$tla’s last year and love being a part of the FYH family. Great team and page to work with. The best part of being an admin is meeting the fans and having fun helping others enjoy the game.
I’m a Boss
  I’m 23, just waiting around until I ship off to Navy boot camp later this year. I used to play Morgan’s Morning Trivia every morning when she first opened the page and I used to win it so much she begged me to join and stop taking her money. I do the coding for the tabs and a contest every once in a blue moon.
Auction Manager
Im the old lady of the family lol, Im 55 and absolutely adore this family! I started almost a year ago on the auction page buying everything up, so Morgan asked me to join as an admin. I was made Auction Manager and later Founder! Everyone on this page is so loving and supportive! I am disabled and find so much strength from these guys and gals! ❤
Repost Admin
  I have my own auction page and sales page but became real good friends with Morgan Wellss and started as a repost admin about 6 or 7 months ago and recently about a month ago became a founder. I have met a lot of friends that i care about dearly. I am a mom of a soon to be 13 yr old son and a soon to be 11 yr old daughter and i also have a step daughter that just turned 2 and a step son that just turned 1. I am 32 yrs old and yes i have my hands full but i am also a full time college student too. I am always here to help ❤
Contest Admin
  Hi. Im Z. (As you can probably tell) 😛 I started admining in December as a contest admin. I am now a founder and love everybody that works at this page. They are all awesome, just like the page. I love hangin with my friends, doing contests, and, of course, playing yo! 🙂
Contest Admin
I’m Ashlenn but if you’re a fan of FYH you most likely know me as PRiiNCESS <3. Being part of FYH is more then just being an admin on a page. This is my family, where I feel I belong. Joining the page has been the best decision yet. Other then FYH all I do is take care of my 7 month old son and hang out with my family…I’m not good at explaining who I am so there we go that’s enough. 🙂 ❤
Contest Admin
  I started at FYH a while ago and worked here for a while, then I was stupid and quit and now I am back and have been made a founder and I don’t think I will ever leave again! I love everyone here to death and I love admining for this amazing page! ❤
Contest Admin
  I’m Charlie also known as Char to some, One of the newer admins. I am 21, I Love to shop on yoville, and am always change my look haha. I Love decorating my yo homes and going to auctions. I have been playing yoville since 2009. I started working on pages within the last year. I Love to give to others and have a fun time. I Joined FYH just a short time ago, after two of my wonderful friends (who work here ;D ) kept bugging me to apply. Finally I gave in one day and applied. I haven’t looked back since. I Love being apart of FYH. It is like one big family.
Contest Admin
  I’m Wagg and i’m one your newest admin to the FYH family. I started yoville in 2012 I was co-owner on Official Yoville Crew. Ever since I joined FYH iv’e felt great because it was my dream to be on this lovely page and i’m finally doing my dream<3 and in my spare time I hang out with my friends and try to get more prizes for you lovely fans

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